Why is the work needed?

Severn Trent are investing around £3 million over the next 13 months to reduce the risks of bursts and leaks in Langley Mill.

What will the works involve?

The work will be completed by three teams replacing 12.3km of water pipes in Langley Mill starting work on Cromford Road, Argyle Street and Elnor Street. Once these are complete the team will move from street to street replacing the water pipes.

Interesting Facts

  • We will be replacing various size water pipes from 2-inch to 9-inch.
  • Team 1 will be replacing 2.3km of water pipes.
  • Team 2 will be replacing 4.9km of water pipes.
  • Team 3 will be replacing 5.1km of water pipes.

Will my water be affected?

If we plan to interrupt your water supply, we'll notify you in advance with a card pushed through your letterbox letting you know the date and times of the supply interruption.

What are the benefits?

Once complete, this major investment by Severn Trent will ensure your supply of Wonderful Water and significantly reduce the risk of bursts in the area.

Langley Mill Water Pipe Replacement


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