Why is the work needed?

Severn Trent are investing around £1.9 million over the next six months to reduce leakage from our water network in Baschurch.

What will the works involve?

The work will be completed by two teams replacing 9km of water pipes in Baschurch starting on Marton Road. Once this section of work has been completed the teams will move from street to street until the project is completed during December 2021.

Interesting Facts

  • The new pipes will save around 80,000 litres of water a day, the equivalent of 140,780 pints of beer a day!
  • Existing pipes were originally installed between 1975 to 1989
  • Existing pipes are between 2-6 inches and are a mixture of Concrete, Cast Iron and UPVC

Will my water be affected?

Sometimes we need to temporarily stop your water supply while we connect your property to the new pipe. If we plan to interrupt your supply, we’ll let you know in advance with a card through your door letting you know the date and times of when it will be.

What are the benefits?

Once complete the work will reduce the risk of leaks in our network and protect your supply of Wonderful Water.

Baschurch Water Pipe Replacement


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